Your Hormones Will Thank You if You Don’t Drink This

Your Hormones Will Thank You if You Don’t Drink This

The human body produces hormones to regulate various functions, such as reproduction, metabolism, and blood pressure. Our endocrine system is in charge of hormone production, but it’s easily thrown into disarray by one substance. That culprit is alcohol.

Alcohol and Hormones

Too much alcohol in the system is known to cause hormonal imbalance that results in many adverse effects. What’s worse is that alcohol can negatively affect women significantly. Men aren’t far behind, but they suffer from different issues because of different body chemistry.

For women, the biggest concern is alcohol’s effects on reproductive functions. It can increase estrogen and testosterone levels while decreasing progesterone levels, which is harmful to premenopausal women. Alcohol stresses the body out and prevents hormone production.

The results of these problems include irregular and even missed periods, PMS, and menopausal symptoms. A study from 2021 has even discovered that alcohol intake reduces the chances of conception. If you’re looking to conceive a child, drinking can be counterproductive.

The liver is also negatively affected if you drink too much alcohol. It stops regulating insulin and glucagon, which can lead to hyperglycemia. This translates to high blood sugar.


Depending on how much you consume, and factoring in other things, like stress, you may require more time to restore your endocrine system to normal. In the meantime, ditch the wine and consume more healthy foods. Omega 3, fiber, and organic fruits and vegetables are all helpful for regulating hormonal imbalances.

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