This Snack Helps Control Your Blood Pressure

This Snack Helps You Control Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) can impose serious health risks if not treated. Some ways of managing your blood pressure are engaging in regular physical activity, taking your medications regularly, and eating plant-based foods.

You may not be aware that one particular snack can help you get blood pressure under control. Read on to learn more about it.


A recent study published in the International Dairy Journal explored the connection between higher yogurt intake and blood pressure. Researchers analyzed the yogurt intake of 915 participants from the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study of aging. All participants provided information regarding their dietary habits and overall health.

The results showed that people who ate yogurt regularly had lower blood pressure. Participants who ate it every day experienced even lower values. Moreover, the authors noted that even those who occasionally ate yogurt also had lower blood pressure.

Dairy products are rich in vitamins and minerals that contribute to our overall health. But, one thing makes yogurt even more special: probiotic cultures.

Yogurt is a fermented product and contains cultures that promote the growth of good bacteria in our gut. These bacteria trigger the production of specific proteins that lower our blood pressure levels. They also boost our immune system, reduce cholesterol, and help with weight loss.

Not All Yogurt Is Good

Yogurt is definitely a food that offers plenty of benefits. However, keep in mind that you should avoid some types of yogurt if you want to take advantage of its properties fully.

High sugar levels in some yogurts will “sabotage” its benefits and even create an opposite effect.

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