This Breakfast Will Age Your Brain Faster

This Breakfast Will Age Your Brain Faster

The brain ages as years go by, and each year will introduce changes to it. Some of these changes can increase the risks of getting dementia, memory loss, and neurotransmitter shifts. While exercise and a healthy diet can help, some foods can be detrimental to the brain.

Consuming refined carbohydrates in the morning will age your brain faster. Keep reading to find out more details.

What Are Refined Carbohydrates?

Don’t let the name intimidate you, as you know some of these foods very well. They include white toast, sugary cereals, and donuts. Refined carbs contain plenty of processed grains and sugar, which the body quickly absorbs. These two substances are linked to high blood sugar and insulin spikes, as mentioned in this study.

Too much blood sugar can also affect your memory, increasing the risk of dementia and memory loss. Some other symptoms of cognitive impairment can also arise. Researchers found that nerve cells and blood vessels in the brain get damaged if there’s too much sugar in the blood. This spike can lead to memory loss.

Replace These Foods

To replace these foods, try buying oatmeal with protein to take the place of sugar-laden cereals. Whole grain bread also makes fantastic toast. Jams with high sugar content can be substituted with almond butter too.

You also have the option of forgoing sweet foods in the morning entirely.

Save Your Brain

Keeping an eye on your refined carbohydrate consumption will go a long way in protecting your brain. The younger it stays, the more cognitive abilities you retain as you age.

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