These 4 Supplements Could Send You to the ER

These 4 Supplements Could Send You to the ER

Supplements come in many forms, but their main goal is to improve your overall health, usually by combating a vitamin deficiency. However, certain products aren’t made to supplement your diet but increase your performance in various areas. These supplements can sometimes be hazardous and have adverse effects on your health.

Keep reading to find out the four types of supplements that commonly send people to the ER.

1. Weight-Loss Supplements

Taking weight loss supplements can have many harmful side effects, including high blood pressure, kidney problems, and liver damage. Women are more likely to visit the emergency department with symptoms related to taking these weight loss products.

2. Sexual Enhancement Supplements

The side effects of taking these products have gotten so bad that the FDA had to issue a warning about using certain sexual enhancement supplements. These products contain hidden ingredients that can pose a significant health risk. Men are more likely to visit the ER due to the adverse effects of taking these dangerous supplements.

3. Exercise Supplements

Bodybuilding supplements can contain steroids or steroid-like substances that can endanger the user’s health and potentially damage their liver. Some liver injuries can be life-threatening, so a quick visit to the ER is of utmost importance.

4. Energy-Boosting Supplements

Taking higher doses of some energy-boosting supplements can cause anxiety and heart rhythm issues. However, many of these supplements aren’t safe for people, regardless of the dosage. As a result, a good portion of the ER visits related to supplement usage are due to energy-boosting products.

Seek Immediate Medical Help

The best option would be to avoid taking supplements that make unrealistic promises about the product’s benefits. If you end up taking a supplement and experience some adverse effects, don’t hesitate to seek immediate medical assistance.

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