These 3 Signs Can Indicate a Plaque Buildup in the Brain

These 3 Signs Can Indicate Plaque Buildup in the Brain

Plaque buildup in the brain, also known as amyloid buildup, can signal the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, identifying early symptoms of this plaque buildup can be crucial to determining effective treatment for this neurodegenerative disease. Here are three signs indicating an amyloid buildup in the brain as a warning about Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Memory Problems

Memory decline represents one of the earliest and most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s associated with amyloid plaque in the brain.

This condition is typically referred to as mild cognitive impairment and is characterized by episodic memory issues. During these episodes, patients are unable to remember past and present events from their lives.

2. Unexplained Financial Issues

Although commonly a consequence of memory problems, financial issues in Alzheimer’s patients have become so prevalent that they’re considered a separate sign of the disease. These patients start forgetting to pay their bills and mortgage, leading to irreversible financial events, such as foreclosure and repossession. As a result, they usually experience significant changes in their credit scores. So far, no other health condition has led to this pattern of behavior.

3. Personality Changes

Unexplained and drastic behavioral changes affect the majority of Alzheimer’s patients and can serve as an early sign of this disease. These changes can occur as early as 15 years before memory loss. Amyloid deposits in the brain are most frequently associated with apathy, depression, and egocentric behavior. Extreme cases include unexplained paranoia and hallucinations.

Consult a Doctor

Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms is critical for developing effective therapeutics. So, if you’ve experienced these symptoms caused by amyloid buildup in the brain, you should consult your doctor and request a physical exam and diagnostic tests.

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