The No.1 Reason for Weight Gain Right Now

The Number One Reason for Weight Gain Right Now

Sometimes gaining a few extra pounds is extremely frustrating, especially when different diets and exercises don’t seem to make any difference. Weight gain over the last year or so was common for many people.

If you think you know what the main culprit behind widespread weight gain is, read on to see whether your guess aligns with those who took part in a recent YouGov survey, giving their opinion on the reason they thought they had gained weight.

The “Why do you think you’re gaining weight?” question was asked in 17 places worldwide, with a sample size varying between 505 and 2,251 in each market.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into why people think they are putting on weight:

  • 7% believe their weight gain is due to a medical condition.
  • 9% think that their additional exercising has led to more muscle, causing them to bulk up.
  • 11% say the leading cause for their weight gain is drinking too much alcohol.
  • 35% believe the reason to be due to an increase in them eating unhealthy foods.
  • Another 35% cited that their weight gain is due to a lack of routine and poor sleeping habits.
  • 43% think the cause for their weight gain is overeating.
  • Lastly, a whopping 64% think the reason why they’ve gained weight is due to lack of exercise or physical activity.

Reason for Weight Gain: Not Enough Exercise

As you can see, most people surveyed believe that a lack of exercise is the primary reason for their weight gain. The keys to losing weight are a healthy and balanced diet to reduce the calories you consume each day and making time for regular exercise to burn excess calories and strengthen your body. Healthy weight loss does not happen overnight. Keep going, and you’ll eventually begin to see results.

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