The Best Canned Salmon You Can Buy

The Best Canned Salmon to Buy In 2021

When it comes to seafood, fresh is best. Seafood that is high in omega 3 fatty acids is linked to a reduced risk of stroke, heart disease, macular degeneration, and dementia. However, canned seafood is affordable and offers an extended shelf-life, meaning it’s still great for our health.

With so many canned salmon brands available, all claiming to be the best quality, it can be challenging to choose. This article will discuss which type of canned salmon is currently the best to buy and why.

Wild Alaskan Salmon

The Wild Alaskan Salmon brand manufactures many types of tinned salmon. Their salmon is caught wild in the hospitable waters of the Pacific Ocean, in areas like Alaska or New Zealand, the salmon’s natural habitat. Salmon caught this way is the best to eat as opposed to salmon from fish farms.

Other types of wild Alaskan salmon include Think Pink Pure Alaskan Salmon. It’s processed within hours of being caught to keep the flavor locked in. And there’s the more affordable Bumble Bee Pink Salmon has the skin and bones packed with it for extra flavor. Canned salmon with bones offer an excellent source of calcium. A can weighing 95 grams contains the calcium equivalent of 200 millimeters of milk and more than 15 grams of protein.

According to a healthy eating expert, wild fish is usually richer in beneficial, anti-inflammatory omega-3’s and contains fewer contaminants that may be harmful to your health.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Is the Best

The best substitute for fresh salmon is canned Wild Alaskan Salmon. Its high quality comes from using salmon from its natural habitat and processing it as soon as it’s caught, locking in a higher omega-3 content. With the longer shelf-life and some of the benefits that fresh salmon provides, it might be a good idea to stock your pantry with some Wild Alaskan Salmon.

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