Should You Eat Strawberry Leaves?

Should You Eat Strawberry Leaves

Most people opt to remove leaves when eating strawberries. However, not only are the strawberry leaves edible, but they are also extremely healthy. Let’s uncover how exactly these green wonders can benefit your health.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Strawberry Leaves?

While strawberry leaves haven’t reached the superfood status like goji berries or spirulina, they have several impressive health benefits for such an accessible herb. Here’s why you should think twice before de-leafing your strawberries.

Strawberry Leaves Can Improve Your Heart Health

A strawberry leaf contains a lot more polyphenols than the fruit’s flesh. These micronutrients have been proven to reduce the risk of heart complications.

Strawberry Leaves Can Reduce Your Blood Sugar

Besides being heart-friendly, the polyphenols from strawberry leaves can also help reduce blood sugar levels. The researchers have theorized that these nutrients influence carbohydrate absorption and digestion, which, in turn, helps keep blood sugar under control.

Strawberry Leaves Can Relieve Oxidative Stress

Strawberries are consistently ranked as the top source of antioxidants. However, most of these substances are actually in the leaves, not the plant’s berry bit. Antioxidants play an important role in reducing free radicals that cause oxidative stress.

Strawberry Leaves Can Boost Your Immune System

Strawberry leaves are almost as packed with vitamin C as the fruit itself. The combination of vitamin C and polyphenols is excellent for helping the body maintain its defenses.

Strawberry Leaves Can Have Anti-Microbial Properties

More research is necessary to explore the anti-microbial properties of strawberry leaves fully. For now, it has been suggested they might inhibit the growth of various bacteria, viruses, and pathogenic microbes.

Bon Appétit

With so many health benefits, there’s no reason to leave out strawberry leaves from your smoothies and salads. But if you notice any allergic reaction, stop eating them immediately and seek medical attention.

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