Secret Exercises to Eliminate Wrinkles

Secret Exercises to Eliminate Wrinkles

Exercise isn’t just for strengthening muscles. It’s also possible to remove wrinkles with a few specific exercises. Of course, you won’t be jogging or doing push-ups. Take a look at these tricks to look younger.

Exercising the Cheeks

This exercise involves forming an “O” with your mouth while hiding your teeth. Smile widely and try to keep your teeth out of sight, and repeat six times. After that, place one index finger on the chin.

Finally, move your jaw up and down as your finger tilts your head back. Relax and repeat twice.

The Owl

The Owl is an exercise that targets the forehead. Make a “C” shape with both thumbs and index fingers. Place your index fingers just beside the eyebrows and your thumbs on your cheeks. Your index fingers will pull downwards while you raise your eyebrows and widen your eyes.

Hold the position for two seconds and repeat five times. On your last set, hold for 10 seconds.

Working With Your Temples

To fight crow’s feet, place your fingers at your temples. When you close your jaw, press lightly on your temples. At the same time, clench your teeth and tense your muscles as if you want your ears to move backward.

Concentrate and visualize your temples. After counting to 10, clench the back of your teeth instead. Relax and repeat three times maximum.

Smooth the Chin and Neck

Look forward and put your fingertips at the bottom of your neck. Start stroking the skin downwards as you tilt your head backward. After this, pull your head to your chest.

Repeat the stroking motion twice before jutting out your lower lip. Touch your collarbone with your fingertips as you point your chin upwards. Complete the motion by holding the position for four deep breaths.

Look Youthful Again

Combining these exercises with a healthy diet can help remove wrinkles. Try doing them every day to balance facial muscle use. Too much frowning or smiling will weaken opposing muscles.

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