Protein and Sustainable Weight Loss From a Scientific Point of View

Protein and Sustainable Weight Loss From a Scientific Point of View

Trying to lose weight is much more than just burning more calories than the ones you consume. The quality of the calories has a more significant impact on your road to losing weight. Scientifically speaking, the difference between an effective and ineffective diet is linked to protein consumption.

Here’s what science has to say about protein consumption and weight loss.

Retain Your Muscles Thanks to Protein

When losing weight, your body shrinks as the body mass reduces. However, it’s expected that while losing fat, you also lose muscle. While you’ll still keep your strength and energy, the appearance of your body may not be the result you expected. One of the main attributes of protein is that it helps you retain muscle.

Eat Protein to Reduce Your Cravings

Cravings are one of the reasons that may cause you to lose all your diet progress. One of the leading causes of between-meal cravings is blood sugar instability. Consumption of protein-rich snacks will help you keep your sugar levels steady, minimizing the need for snacks.

Protein Burns More Calories

There are several reasons behind the consumption of protein to lose weight. Studies show that high-protein meals are more satiating than meals high in carbohydrates and fat. On the other hand, meals with high-quality protein burn more calories for digestion and metabolization than those rich in carbs or fat.

As you see, several scientific reasons make high-protein meals the perfect choice for losing weight. It will help you reduce fat, keep your muscles in shape, and feel more satiated for extended periods.

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