How Cold Water Affects Your Body

How Cold Water Affects Your Body

Ingesting fresh water in the morning is recommended for flushing out harmful toxins and waking up your body for a new day. However, the water temperature has surprisingly different effects on your body.

Disadvantages of Drinking Cold Water

As shown by countless studies, ingesting iced water possibly increases blood pressure and causes headaches. In addition, it can provoke a sore throat, especially if drunk after an intense workout. Cold water might also reduce your body temperature and cause it to generate more energy on thermoregulation than on absorbing nutrients.

Advantages of Drinking Warm Water

Unlike cold water, warm water also offers many benefits to your body.

Relieves Pain

As opposed to cold water, which can prompt migraines, warm water is an exceptional pain reliever. Drinking it warm can reduce cramps, especially menstrual cramps.

Helps You Lose Weight

Most people don’t often go for warm water after their workout. But it’s precisely what you lack during your weight-loss journey. Post-workout warm water intake stimulates your metabolism and accelerates the calorie-burning process.

Unclogs Your Airways

If you’re suffering with a cold, you can break down phlegm by inhaling steaming hot water. To be sure that this will unclog your nostrils, throw in chamomile tea and inhale. If you find the hot water steam unpleasant, place a thin cotton cloth over the container.

Improves Circulation, Flushes Out Toxins, and Slows Aging

One of the reasons why warm water is an excellent beverage during cramps is due to its circulation-boosting properties. But improved circulation is not only convenient when it comes to pain relief. It also eliminates harmful toxins from your body and slows aging that way.

Aids Digestion

Contrary to iced water, which people often crave during their meals, warm water can in fact help you break down and digest food more rapidly. It encourages healthy bowel movements in general, as drinking plenty of it can suppress constipation.

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