How to Tell if You Unknowingly Developed Diabetes

Here’s How to Tell if You Have Unknowingly Developed Diabetes

Diabetes is one of those conditions that can creep up on you. For such a serious illness, its symptoms are not always obvious. In fact, you might have developed diabetes while remaining completely unaware of what’s going on in your body. These are some common indicators of the disease that you should be aware of.

Burning or Tingling of Hands and Feet

The rise in blood sugar brought about by diabetes can cause nerve damage. This nerve damage affects 50% of those who suffer from the illness. Feet and legs are most commonly affected, followed by the hands and arms. The neuropathy could feel like tingling, numbness, or a burning sensation in the affected limbs.

Blurred Vision

Diabetic retinopathy presents as blurred vision or dark spots in your line of sight. You could also feel pressure or pain behind your eyes. This happens when diabetes causes blood vessels in the eyes to leak.

Increased Thirst

Elevated blood sugar draws water from the body tissues, leading to dehydration. The kind of thirst that follows might not be quenched by drinking water.

Increased Hunger

Although diabetes increases glucose in the bloodstream, it prevents this glucose from being absorbed by cells in the body. Without glucose, muscles are deprived of energy, causing them to clamor for it. Therefore, a person with diabetes will be overcome with a feeling of constant hunger that is not relieved by eating.

Frequent Urination

In a bid to flush out excess sugar, the body will increase urine output. The urine produced will often have a sweet, fruitlike smell.

If you have any of these symptoms, it would be wise to check your blood sugar levels or seek medical advice.

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