Do This to Burn Twice as Many Calories While Walking

Do This to Burn Twice as Many Calories While Walking

Walking is one of the most convenient exercises and is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of their physical fitness level. Most people don’t perceive walking as working out because they don’t burn very many calories. But what if we tell you there’s a way to double the number of calories you’re burning while you walk?

Read on to learn the secret.

Interval Training

Danielle Gray, personal trainer, nutritionist, and founder of Train Like a Gymnast, suggests adding interval training to your walks. Walk at your usual pace for one minute, then walk as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Apply this pattern to your whole walk, and you’ll increase your calorie burn.

How does this work? Interval training pushes our body out of its comfort zone by forcing it to produce more energy without oxygen. The oxygen deficit makes our body work harder, thus burning more calories.

These sudden bursts of high-intensity exercises are effective, but only if they end with extended periods of low-intensity ones. That is why it’s crucial not to stop after completing the power walk but continue walking at a slower pace instead.


If you don’t like changing the intensity of your walks frequently, there’s another way to increase the amount of burned calories: adding resistance. Holding weights while walking can significantly boost the calories you burn. You can do arm swings, curls, or overhead presses while you walk. This will not only torch calories but will also tone your arms and strengthen your core.

Adjust Your Walks to Spend More Energy

Walking has numerous benefits for our health: it increases muscle and bone strength, reduces the risk of many diseases and conditions, and burns body fat. By making minor adjustments to your walking routines, you can burn even more calories. However, don’t forget that a well-balanced diet is another crucial element for losing weight.

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