Build Muscles Without Intense Exercise

Build Muscles Without Intense Exercise

Can’t exercise, or don’t like to? You can still build and maintain healthy, lean muscles without gym memberships and hours of cardio. Here are some tips for building and maintaining muscle without overly exerting yourself.


If you want to build muscle, your body will need some healthy fuel. Some dietary options give your body what it needs to build strong muscles.


Protein is a necessity for healthy muscles. Lean meats like chicken and turkey are an obvious source. Don’t forget Greek yogurt, eggs, salmon, tuna, and beans are other excellent sources. You can always supplement it with protein powder as well.


Daily vitamins are a great way to ensure you get the essential daily nutrients required for muscle growth. Vitamin B12, for example, aids metabolism.

Healthier Cheat Meals

Although rewarding yourself with a cheat meal for meeting a health goal can motivate you. Remember that cheat meals don’t have to mean highly processed junk food like cookies, chips, and ice cream. Homemade cheeseburgers, sushi, and pasta with lean meat can be just as indulgent while still providing nutrition.

Daily movement

You can still maintain healthy activity while avoiding the gym. If you want to avoid extreme workouts such as weightlifting or hours of cardio but still maintain a healthy level of activity.

Instead, try going on a daily walk, doing yoga stretches, and playing athletic games like tennis or one-on-one basketball with friends. These activities tend to be more enjoyable and less intense.


Electrotherapy and compression therapy can also stimulate muscle growth. Electrotherapy stimulates muscles with small electric pulses, easing muscle pain and improving firing patterns.

Compression therapy is a way to boost blood flow to muscles by squeezing the muscles. The increased blood flow reduces the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles.


The final step to building muscles without exercising is to give your muscles time to relax. Physical activity tears your muscles, and to help the fibers heal and grow, they need time. Ice baths and cryotherapy chambers can speed up recovery if you want to help your muscles recover quicker.

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