Best and Worst Drinks for Your Penis

Best and Worst Drinks for Your Penis-

Believe it or not, choosing what you drink can have an effect on your penis. The penis won’t shrink, but an unbalanced diet can decrease libido and result in erectile dysfunction. Here are some drinks to incorporate or toss out of your diet if you want to have a healthy sex life.

Coffee – Good

Caffeine stimulates blood flow by letting arteries relax, which has similar effects to Viagra. Coffee relaxes the muscles that help you get and keep an erection. Drinking two to three cups per day showed fewer reports of erectile dysfunction in overweight men. Just watch out for adding sugar to coffee, as it may have an adverse result.

Wine – Good

Red wine contains flavonoids found in fruits and vegetables, which can also control erectile issues. They make arteries more flexible, which promotes blood flow, and that extends to the arteries found in the penis.

Watermelon Juice – Good

Watermelons contain the amino acid citrulline, which helps expand the arteries in the body. Healthy arteries are essential for achieving and maintaining an erection. Citrulline supplements have shown a positive effect on patients with mild erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol – Bad

While alcohol can help you get in the mood easier, drinking too much may cause erectile dysfunction and desensitize your body to arousal. Alcohol interferes with your nervous system functions for penile sensitivity, circulation, and sexual stimulation.

Soda – Bad

Soda, more precisely excess sugar, increases body fat and can damage blood vessels. Overweight men are at a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction directly or indirectly through cardiovascular issues.

Energy Drinks – Bad

Although they have caffeine (see the coffee section), energy drinks have a high sugar content that can negatively control sexual performance.

Help Your Member

There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction, but it’s difficult to pinpoint whether what you’re drinking is causing it. Seeing a doctor should always be the first step when having any kind of sexual health problem.

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