Are Pickles Healthier Than Non-Fermented Foods?

Are Pickles Healthier Than Non-Fermented Foods

Are pickles good for you? These tangy veggies are so much more than a burger topping or relish ingredient and offer an abundance of health benefits.

From better digestion to quicker decision-making, here are the best reasons for incorporating more pickles into your diet.

Gut-Healthy Probiotics

Pickles made through the process of fermentation are loaded with beneficial bacteria called probiotics. They act as warriors in your stomach, helping support a healthy gut microbiome.

When your gut is in top form, you get even more nutrients out of the rest of the foods you eat.

Water and Electrolytes

Why would soaking cucumbers in a brine of salt and vinegar make them better for you?

First off, after weeks in a jar, these crisp veggies retain enough water to hydrate you, even if you just eat a few of them. Furthermore, salt creates electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which are critical for a well-functioning brain.

Low-Calorie Snacking

Although pickles can be high in sodium, they’re still a great way to feel full without consuming too much fat. Lots of water makes you feel satiated for longer, and vinegar slows your ability to digest carbohydrates.

Pickles as Powerful Protectors

Packed with Vitamin A and Phosphorus, pickles have many health benefits. Better hydration means your brain works faster, and probiotics improve your digestion. Opt for traditionally fermented pickles with minimal added sugars or artificial ingredients for maximum health benefits.

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