Are Frozen Meals Really Your Friend?

Are Frozen Meals Really Your Friend

Frozen meals are a fast and easy meal option for you and your family. Unfortunately, they’re not very good for you. So, should you ditch your favorite frozen treats altogether or are they okay in moderation?

Read on to learn everything you need to know.

Examples of Healthy Frozen Meals

There’s a wide variety of frozen foods on the market to choose from now. You have savory foods such as chicken curry, pasta, lasagna, tofu, pizza, chicken nuggets, to something sweet like blueberry pancakes, ice cream, and croissants. As you can see, there’s certainly something to everyone’s liking.

Benefits of Frozen Meals

First, let’s state the obvious. In just a few minutes in the microwave, you’ll get a full meal. Which is certainly better than a quick sandwich from the fridge.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that fruit and vegetables get picked when they’re at their freshest. When you defrost them, they are as fresh as they day when they were picked.

Why Are Not All Frozen Foods Good Then?

Like with all sorts of food, keep an eye out for the ingredients and nutrients. Chocolate pancakes aren’t good for you when they’re frozen, in the same way they aren’t good for you when you order them fresh at a fast-food kiosk.

Choose Wisely

Frozen foods can be considered comfort foods. But when you decide to indulge, make smart choices. Look at ingredients and calories, and try to choose a healthy option.

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