Accidental Famous Foods You Love to Eat

Accidental Famous Foods

Some of the most significant discoveries of humankind were accidents, like penicillin. Others are foods you often eat but never knew they came about by chance. While it’s impossible to tell for sure, these foods are often said to be coincidental finds.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The legend goes that Ruth Wakefield was going to bake some cookies in 1930. She ran out of baker’s chocolate and thus substituted it with a regular chocolate bar. The people who ate it discovered that the pieces stayed intact, and the chocolate chip cookie was born.


Dr. John Kellogg and Will Kellogg accidentally discovered cornflakes. They wanted to toast wheatberries but left some grains in the oven. When they tried again with corn, the world was introduced to cornflakes.

Potato Chips

In 1853, a customer complained to a chef at the Moon’s Lake House resort. The man didn’t like how his potatoes weren’t crisp, and the chef did precisely that. Now, people eat potato chips daily, thanks to this one customer.


Coca-Cola was intended to be a medicinal tonic, but after the State of Georgia banned alcohol, the beverage became what we know today. It was an instant hit worldwide from then on.

What’s That?

Today, many foods are accidental discoveries, but these are the most notable examples. Whether due to their origin stories or current popularity, you can’t go anywhere without seeing them. If you like them, feel free to grab one of these happy accidents for a quick snack.

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