6 Walmart Foods That Help Weight Loss

6 Walmart Foods That Help Weight Loss

Hidden away in your nearest Walmart are foods you need to eat healthily and lose weight. Despite stocking the old foods and snacks you love, Walmart also provides a surprising number of healthy alternatives.

Here are some recommendations.

Quaker Rice Cakes

Rice cakes work well at any time of the day, and Quaker’s rice cakes are made with whole-grain brown rice, perfect for slow-release energy. Low in sugar and lightly salted for flavor, they only contain 35 calories per serving. Choose the right topping and you’re all set.

Marketside Classic Hummus

Eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing on flavor. Hummus is the perfect example. Marketside’s hummus is lower in sodium than many brands and adds to the great benefits of this delicious dip or spread: healthy plant fats and protein with low cholesterol.

Banza Four Cheese Pizza

Yes, it’s pizza, but at only 400 calories per serving, Banza has provided a low-fat option with more fiber and better protein than many frozen pizzas out there. This is thanks in part to its chickpea crust.

The Only Bean Crunchy Roasted Edamame Beans

When snacking for weight loss, it’s best to choose snacks that are both filling and healthy. Edamame is a staple of Japanese food and these crunchy beans provide 13g of healthy plant-based protein, combined with 5g of fiber per serving. Be sure to try all the flavors.

Nature Valley Oatmeal Squares

Grain snacks are an excellent way to eat for sustained energy – and these oatmeal squares are no exception. While containing some sugar, each serving comes to 150 calories, with no added high fructose corn syrup. They also have delicious toppings.

Strong Roots Cauliflower Hash Browns

Cauliflower is an excellent and healthy substitute for those trying to watch their carb intake. These hash browns are combined with potato, with only 15g of carbs per serving. They’re also lower in fat. Put them in the air fryer and cut down on the oils too.

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