5 Early Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease to Anticipate

5 Early Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease to Anticipate

The FDA has approved Eisai/Bogen’s new drug called Leqembi, which targets the “fundamental pathophysiology” of Alzheimer’s disease. The companies plan to provide access to the drugs and complete submission for traditional approval as soon as possible to help more people with early Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are five early symptoms of the disease you should know.

Memory Loss

Memory loss is the most common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, with age 65+ as the biggest risk factor. The patient may have difficulty remembering family members’ names, recent events, and conversations. They may often get lost in familiar locations, misplace items, or forget the way home.

In most cases, it’s not the patient who realizes this condition. Due to the nature of memory loss, a close family member or friend usually notices it first.

Language Problems

People with Alzheimer’s often struggle to find the right words to express feelings or name objects as the disease progresses. Thus, they may find it difficult to speak or write full sentences. This condition tends to deteriorate significantly in later stages.

Inability to Make Judgements or Decisions

Alzheimer’s leads to a decreased ability to make sound judgments and decisions in daily life. The patient may wear an inappropriate outfit to a certain event or make unusual financial dealings. In fact, severe financial problems could be the first indicator of cognitive deterioration.


Time perception is essential for humans, but it is often compromised with Alzheimer’s. For the patients, five minutes may feel like five hours. Furthermore, it can lead to sleeping problems, confusion, and anxiety.

Incapacity to Carry Out Basic Tasks

Doing routine activities such as cooking, bathing, or dressing can be difficult for the patients as their physical and cognitive abilities are declining.

Early Diagnosis Is the Key

Consult a health professional immediately when you notice any symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in your loved one. Early diagnosis allows better planning for medical treatments and financial decisions in the future. It also increases the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and experimental therapies.

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